Welcome to CDTech – Community Development Technologies Center

CDTech is a catalyst for change in South LA, activating and focusing the potential of residents and businesses. We equip them with the training, strategies and programs they need to be leaders and organizers for neighborhood improvement and economic growth.

A nonprofit organization with 20 years of experience in South LA, CDTech combines grassroots participation with strategic policy understanding. Our community members canvass door-to-door to engage, listen and educate their fellow residents on vital issues. Leveraging this connection, CDTech creates community development and economic development programs that incorporate deep insight into the actual needs, desires and capabilities of South LA.

CDTech places special emphasis on the development and utilization of local human capital, fostering leaders and organizers in the community and leveraging them in CDTech programs. Collaborative, inclusive education and training cultivates residents’ ability to act effectively today and to think strategically about emerging opportunities and challenges. Our activities help communities to build their capacity for action and focus on what will have the most long-term impact.

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