April 14, 2016

Community transformation could not be possible without the partnership of our generous funders:


The Local Initiatives Support Corporation (LISC) has been a vital partner with CDTech throughout our 20 year history in building resident capacity to lead community transformation in Los Angeles’s most neglected neighborhoods. Most recently, in 2014-15 and 2015-16, LISC provided CDTech with HUD Section 4 capacity building funding focused in South Los Angeles to (1) strengthen career and technical education and apprenticeship/internship pathways in the field of community change work; (2) create pathways to employment for the un- and under-employed; and, (3) increase grassroots and regional collaborative capacity to increase resources and defend against displacement in South LA’s historic communities of color that are being impacted by large-scale redevelopment of the area. LISC’s investment and partnership with CDTech is crucial to ensuring that existing residents and small, minority and women-owned businesses benefit from this economic development boom.




CIT OneWest Bank is an important sponsor of CDTech’s community economic development strategies focused on higher education and career pathways.



The Wells Fargo Foundation provides ongoing strategic partnership and critical funding resources for CDTech’s community revitalization and stabilization work with residents and small businesses in South Los Angeles.